Unsung Hero Award celebrates the very best in non-medical NHS staff

Winners announced for award honouring NHS staff who have gone above and beyond in their roles

The winners of GoToJobBoard’s Unsung Hero Award have been announced and they include Security Operatives, Medical Receptionists and Volunteers from NHS trusts around the country.

The winners were announced at an event at The Place Aparthotel in Manchester on 3rd February 2017. The event included guest speakers, including Roy Lilley, NHS health policy analyst, writer and commentator, and Enid Dunn, winner of the 2016 Unsung Hero Award.

Mark Cherry, operations manager at GoToJobBoard, said: “The Unsung Hero Award has always set out to highlight the amazing work done by people in non-medical roles each and every day, and it’s great to see so many nominations from across the country.”

The event also included a musical performance from the Royal Northern College of Music orchestra along with a recorded performance from the The Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Choir, who reached number one in the UK singles chart in December 2015.

The winners of the Unsung Hero Award are:

  • Julie Feist – Advanced Medical Receptionist (Medway Community Healthcare – Kent)
    “Not only is Julie considered to be a truly caring individual who shares food with patients and gives them money to buy the little things they need, she even saved a patient’s life and ensured when this patient was released from care they received appropriate treatment.”
  • Mark Thorpe – Volunteer on the Psychiatric Ward (Sheffield Health and Social Care)
    “Mark’s story is one that really resonated with us as it demonstrated an incredible commitment. He receives no payment or financial reward and yet he spends his own money on prizes and karaoke equipment that the Trust do not have budget for.”
  • Ali Jallow & Andy Tobin – Security Operatives (Stockport NHS Foundation Trust)
    “This is a truly a special case as it is the first time we have ever given a joint award to 2 x Unsung Heroes. Ali and Andy demonstrated incredible courage and compassion for a patient who absconded from the A&E department they worked in, they followed this patient and prevented them from jumping off a bridge in an attempt to end their own life. This patient turned out to be a professional kick boxer and they managed to save them but not without personal harm to themselves and were able to ensure that they received appropriate treatment.”

Special mention:

  • Tanya Lewis – Administrator (Westminster NHS Foundation Trust)
    “Tanya deserves a special mention as she was nominated by 5 different individuals from different departments across the Trust where she works. We thought there was no better way to explain how amazing Tanya is than by showing you some of the things that were said about her: “We would all be utterly lost without her”, “She is the definition of a team player” and “There is not a day where she does not go above and beyond the call of her duty.”

Each of the winners were awarded with a trophy and an iPad Air, as a token of appreciation for their hard work and going above and beyond what is expected of them.

“Every Unsung Hero Award winner represents some of the most hard-working and dedicated non-medical staff in the NHS today.” said Mark Cherry. “Whether they are saving lives, dedicating their own time to benefit patients, or even just being a team player and helping out their fellow colleagues.”

“The NHS doesn’t get enough credit, especially when it comes to non-medical staff, so it’s great to host these awards and make NHS staff feel special and proud of the hard word they do every day.”

The awards were created by GoToJobBoard, an online job board for non-medical and non-clinical roles. Their mission is to raise awareness regarding the non-medical job opportunities within the NHS and to encourage more people to consider it as a career option.

For more information about the Unsung Hero Award please email [email protected] or call GoToJobBoard on 0161 214 7991.

Author: Editorial Team

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