What is a PA and Why Do You Need One?

Personal assistant jobs in London are incredibly popular, with many highly organised individuals looking for a role that will offer them more challenges than a simple office administrator position. A personal assistant (PA) is someone who works closely with a specific individual, usually someone in senior management or who is a company director. They may sometimes be referred to as an executive assistant or a personal or private secretary. Hiring a PA could be beneficial to company owners, entrepreneurs and busy managers in a number of different ways.

What does a PA do?

The main focus of their role is to provide administrative support to that person, usually on a one-to-one basis. The role is often tailored to the type of assistance that the person they work for needs but the idea is that they will undertake the type of administrative and secretarial tasks that will allow the manager to make the best use of their time. Tasks might include:

  • Organising travel – both domestic and international and creating travel itineraries
  • Managing emails and other correspondence
  • Diary management
  • Answering calls – and screening where appropriate
  • Managing events
  • Organising company meetings and taking minutes
  • Liaising with other members of staff and clients

What skills does a PA need?

A PA will need excellent communication skills, and diplomacy for much of the work that they will undertake. It is also essential that they can offer confidentiality and discretion in their role. They should be highly organised and methodical in the way that they work, being able to prioritise tasks so that they can offer the most support to their manager. An extensive understanding of the company that they work for can be very valuable as well, including understanding who the key employees are. 

Why might you need a PA?

If you are doing many of the more mundane day to day tasks associated with your role yourself and they are getting in the way of attending important meetings, and planning how to move forward with the projects you’re heading up, then you should consider employing a PA. These tasks might include answering emails and phone calls that could have been dealt with by other employees within the company, dealing with your own, often complicated, travel arrangements for visiting clients and conferences and then sorting out any issues that might occur.

All of these tasks easily fall into the remit of a PA and can be done alongside a number of other tasks that can take up valuable time. You might not realise just how much time you are losing to these tasks but if you were to keep a record for a few days you would see just how time consuming they really are.

Author: Editorial Team

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