What Jobs Do Modern Bookmakers Need to Fill?

The world of sports betting has changed immensely since the internet came along, making it easier for people to place their wagers at home. This transition has, of course, had implications for bookies who must employ staff for newfound roles created to cater for a new, predominantly online demographic. 

Trading Analysts

Bookies have always employed people to study the trends in the market: this is a crucial part of their operations, as it’s their duty to provide an objective understanding of the teams and racing prospects on each respective market. In order to set the right odds, bookmakers need to have the best possible data and so it’s imperative that they cultivate expert industry knowledge.

Modern trading analysts still need to be experts in their chosen sports as well as in the world of betting, as this is how they are able to calculate the right odds. However, they also need to be comfortable using the modern tools that track results and provide an overview of markets they’re perhaps less acquainted with.

The pressure to offer an effective service is further increased by the availability of prediction tools, designed to help punters optimise their betting selections. A prime example of this in practice is the Beth AI system for horse racing, which provides punters with the best choices for the fastest horse racing results and insights. Beth utilises numerous data filters that take into consideration factors such as the type of racecourse, weather, previous performances by the horse etc. The use of these comprehensive and accurate filters allows people to choose exactly the type of bet that suits them and gives them the best chance of winning money.

Customer Support and Engagement

One of the key roles for any successful bookmaker is a staff member dedicated solely to customer support and engagement, essentially looking after their customers. Historically, this would have been done in a local branch, however, the transition to a more online world in recent years has led to the additional options of customers seeking advice either on the internet or over the phone. 

Consequently, bookmakers must now prioritise the search for effective customer engagement staff and social media experts who are equipped to engage with sports fans online and solve their issues, while also professionally promoting the brand’s values at all times.

Other aspects of these customer service roles can also include writing content for bookies on their blog posts, social media pages and other areas. Therefore, it requires staff who are creative, innovative and capable of connecting with others through their sports knowledge.


With the online sports betting market now so intensely competitive, it’s no surprise to see that bookmakers are snapping up the best developers they can find. These workers are needed to make their websites and apps as slick and accessible as possible.

Many betting firms will out-source the development of their sites and apps, but they still need developers to maintain their services and to provide updates over time. With recent innovations helping to drive the sports betting market forward, there’s a lot of scope for getting involved in exciting new projects.

The way that the sports betting market has evolved in recent times is clearly reflected in the current jobs market. Knowledge of sports and of betting is still important, but technology skills, such as programming languages and tool analysis, has become more important than ever before.  

Author: Editorial Team

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